Designer Background


My passion for design has always been a very natural part of my day-to-day life,
I see design in everything that surrounds me, from color, to the shadow of a tree on the ground in front of my step.

” Design is what I live and breathe.”

This balance of color and movement changes daily. It’s about today, now and my emotions and where
I am at the present. I see design in the chaos of the traffic or in the patterns of the foliage that surrounds me where
I live and work. I am so fortunate to be on an island that is surrounded with charm and grace and madness.
My achievement in designing is measured by how much satisfaction is received by the people that
I have helped to visualise their dream’s and their lifestyle into a design concept.

Cloth is a new additional brand from Medina Lifestyle, an Australian based importer, wholesaler and retailer of furniture, home wares and soft furnishings,
supplying the Australian & International market for the last 20 years.
As a leading interior brand Medina Lifestyle business has expanded into commercial and property styling division, supplying
products for commercial development purposes and providing interior styling service for private and commercial development.
As part of the wholesale distribution, Carina regularly supplies interior products to stylist, visual merchandiser,
architects, interior decorator and event hire companies.

With more than 28 years of experience in the Industry, Carina has a vast product selection, styling portfolio and has been featured in countless magazines and editorials within the Australia & International media.
Carina’s approach on design reflects an earthy, modern and sustainable style.

Carina Yulianto